Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From One Holiday to Another...

Okay, the sun came out for about 30 seconds today, so I ran outside and snapped some photos of the layouts that I did over the past couple of weeks. This one started out VERY different...at CKC I took a class by Simple Scrapbooks called "Photos First" and we had to have 9 photos for each layout. The class was based on 12x12 scrapping, which would have been useless for me since my kid's albums are 8.5x11. I had to adapt all three layouts (two double-page spreads and one single) to make them work for my needs and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the reduced dimensions of the photos I needed for my pages (they named specific dimensions of photos that people needed for the 12x12 layouts.)

I ran out of time when it came time to this layout's dimensions and hurriedly printed out six photos all the same size and two longer photos. When we got to the class, it turned out that even the 12x12 people had the wrong sizes printed for their photos because there was a misprint on the sizing on the website. I couldn't get the original layout to work with my photo and paper sizes, so I just packed it up during the class and did my own thing at the crop that I went to the following week. This one is very much more my style, but I like how the colors are outside of my comfort zone and not something that I would have picked starting out. Basically the only thing I got from the class on this layout was the black background with the checkered scalloped edge...the rest I did myself. I bought some My Mind's Eye orange dotted paper while I was down there, which ended up coordinating perfectly with the slightly orange edge on the checkered scallop. The blue was actually an ancient piece of patterned paper that I got from one of the girls at the crop (circa 2000 or 2001?) The felt stickers are Making Memories and the "Kiss Me" brad was in my goody bag from the CKC crop. Serendipity, I tell ya! I thought the flower above the "i" in Irish sort of resembled a four-leafed clover. They didn't actually have an apostrophe on the letter sticker sheet, so I cut the tip off of a bracket sticker. Anyway, sorry for being so long-winded this time. Thanks for looking! :)

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