Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Girl Card in Five Minutes Flat

I made this card a couple of weeks ago at a scrapbooking day at a local church. I designed this card around the purple flowers, because I have had them for years and they kept falling off of the plastic sheet that they came on and driving me crazy. :) I had the green dotted scrap in my scrap baggie and I distressed the edges with my scissors, used a ruler and a thin black marker to draw the border, and adhered the stickers. I used a stamp for the sentiment and then went back over it with the same black pen so that it would match. I hand drew the heart. :) I included it in the bag with the quilt for my friends (you can sort of see the quilt behind it.) Thanks for looking and for any comments!

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Dana Grothaus said...

So cute! I was planning a card in my head today that had a frame like that then the flowers were arranged in a grid. Can't wait to get crafty tomorrow, it's been a few days.