Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School!

Gracie's first day of 4-year-old preschool was yesterday...sniff, sniff. :) She would have gone last year, too, but her surgery was about a week before it started and we didn't think it would be a good idea to send her to school fresh out of brain surgery. ;) If you click on the second picture of Gracie, you can kind of see how I decorated her canvas tote. The tote itself came from Wal-Mart and already had the pink straps and base. I stamped Grace in Old Olive Craft ink with Big Deal Alphabet and then heat set it. After it was done, I sewed a new Pink Pirouette Felt Fusion flower on with a Kiwi Kiss decorative flower button in the center. It turned out cute and she likes it. :)

I threw in a picture of Ava, too, since I haven't posted pictures in a while.


Andrea said...

Cute, cute. What did they name their boy? And while we're talking about names, how many non-LDS people in the world at large have strong feelings/opinions/recognition of the name Brigham Young? Just wondering what I'm doing to my little fellow.

Kayli said...

aww--first day is so bittersweet. they're so excited, but you're looking at them thinking 'i'm not ready!' she was adorable though.

as to the purple flower barrette in Hazel's hair--yes I did make it. It's really easy, just felt with a tiny bit of stitching glue-gunned onto a barrette.

If you'd like I could mail you one to show you what they're like. I have a ton.