Sunday, March 1, 2009

20 Photos

I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas from my parents this past year, which I LOVE. I found a tutorial for how to make a photo collage on Jennifer McGuire's blog (click on "How-To Videos" and I believe it's on page 3 of the videos...go down to the bottom of that first video page and hit "next" and do the same thing with the second page. The video is right above a blue and green card with a frog on it, midway down). I am going to a scrapbooking weekend this month and I have sooo many pictures of Gracie that I haven't scrapped, so I decided to make several collages and make some pages with basically all photos and share little tidbits if applicable on the second page of the spread. These photos were my favorites from my "November 2005" folder through "April 2006" folder, so a span of 5 months. Where did my baby go? These pictures basically start at the age that Ava is currently...I can't believe I have TWO kids who have been this age already and that I will have a 5-YEAR-OLD in July!!!!

Anyway, thanks for looking at my sweet non-baby (anymore, that is)! :)

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