Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The daughters of an English major...

Gracie broke a beaded bracelet this afternoon and picked up a few beads herself. She was about to put them in a bowl of Goldfish crackers that I brought to her for a snack. I told her not to put them in there and she put them in my hand. She asked if there were any beads in the Goldfish and I told her no. Just a minute ago she called, "Mooom, there certainly WAS a bead in the Goldfish!" She cracks me up! My little 4.5-year-old with a large vocabulary. :)

In related talking news, we were at Home Depot this weekend looking for some electrical stuff for the kitchen and Ava, as usual, said "hi" to everyone. We stopped in one of the aisles for a while and Sean was looking in a couple of bins. There was an employee there straightening or taking inventory and Ava of course said hi numerous times to him. At one point, she said "thank you" to one of us and the employee said, "how old is she, 2? 3?" I told him that she was 18 months and he was shocked. He said that she talked very well for her age.

Remind me later that I am proud of them for this when they are driving me crazy one day with the incessant talking! :)

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