Monday, June 14, 2010

Banner posting day!

So, last month we had a couple of visitors. We had some mourning doves build a nest up on one of the support posts for our deck's roof. Two eggs were laid, two babies hatched. As a funny "aside" story, Sean built this roof over our deck (attached to the house) a couple of years ago and we put shingles on top that match our regular roof. As you can see in the top picture (if you click on it to enlarge it), the nails are just poking through the plywood. We intend to put some beadboard or something up there at some point, but in the meantime we have always teased my mother-in-law about the nails because every time she sees them she cautions us to be careful with the kids and the nails (i.e. not to throw them up in the air under the roof and hit their heads on the nails.)

So, anyway, these babies hatched and about a week after that they left the nest. Over the weekend, we were pretty busy, but we intended to remove the nest because, though the birds are cute, they make quite the mess on the deck. I had researched mourning doves on the internet after the babies hatched and learned that they can have up to six sets of babies in a mating period. I told Sean to double check before removing the nest that no more eggs were laid, so he got a chair to peer in the nest--you guessed it, he forgot about the nails and got a minor puncture wound right at his hairline! He didn't get much sympathy from me (I was too busy laughing), OR from his mother, who got her "I told you so" moment. LOL! :D

These pictures aren't specific to anything, I just thought they were cute. :)


Andrea said...

They are cute pictures! So were there more eggs?

florascrap said...

Ha, yes, I guess I forgot to mention that part...there WERE more eggs in the nest and he couldn't even remove it after all of that! LOL! :)