Friday, July 2, 2010

Pillowcase Dress and Quilt in Progress

I made this dress a couple of weeks ago for Gracie. I bought enough fabric to make one for Ava and my niece as well and had delusions of making all three of them in a few hours. Haha. :) I DO think that the other two will not take me as long as the first one (ahem, two hours!) LOL! Of course, I also had to whip up the hair clip really quickly to go with it. :)

This is what I am working on today. I have to sew those strips that are lying on the table together (two more of each fabric) and then that set of blocks will be done once I press them and cut them. The third set of fabrics (nine strips of each) will come next and then I will be DONE with the blocks for Ava's "big girl bed" quilt. :)

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Michelle Yelton said...

Great job, Amy! I love the colors of the quilt!