Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't you just love a repurpose?

Okay, before you even ask, yes, I am procrastinating. Does anybody want to do my work for me today?? ;)

We have been buying a lot of wheat bread, tortillas, and flatbreads lately and they were driving me nuts on top of the microwave...very visually unappealing. Yesterday we were cleaning and I had a stroke of inspiration. We had this basket that we bought on clearance at Target years ago to put on our coffee table. It originally contained a stoneware bowl and a candle with a berry wreath around it and most of the time it sat on top of my entertainment center because Gracie can't leave the berries alone. :) I put the bowl and candle in my china cabinet and the basket is now a perfect fit on top of my microwave for a bread basket! Yay! I love it when I can take something from one room in my house and make it work for another purpose somewhere else, don't you?



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Anonymous said...

lol! I love doing this too! Aahh...sometimes it really is the simple things that please us most!