Friday, February 20, 2009

The BEFORE Kitchen Pictures

View from front door, looking into kitchen and great room.

View from other side of great room (the fireplace is to my left), looking into the "eat in" part of the eat in kitchen. :)

View from end of kitchen to "dining room" (placed in quotes because it's not really a dining room)

View from "dining room" to other half of kitchen. The cabinets we currently have are so AWFUL. They are seriously the cheapest cabinets you could buy and we are ready to burn them. I think we seriously are going to burn the lazy Susan, actually.

Anyway, I will definitely post "after" pictures when we get finished. At the moment, we basically have the kitchen all torn up with no progress made. We haven't even ordered the cabinets yet, so it is probably stupid that we already tore most of the cabinets out, but oh well. LOL! :)

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