Friday, February 20, 2009

Elaborating on previous post...

Andrea commented and said that I had to give more choices. Above are the two choices that we had for linoleum, but I posted the two options on 2Peas and a lot of people said they weren't doing much for them. When I said "slate like," I mean more texture than just glazed porcelain tile...not referring to the color. We like greenish you think a greenish slate-like tile would look good with our cabinet/hardwood/counter choices? :) I will also post some "before" pictures.

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Andrea said...

I think the top choice (meaning location of picture in your post) is fantastic. I think it would look great with your cabinets, counter tops and the hardwood in the rest of the house.

Not a fan of option two.

But--whatever makes you happy. A few of my relatives have commented that they wouldn't have put in the bookshelves downstairs as it makes the room look smaller. They forget that the downstairs is a schoolroom--not really a family room so much. It is all a matter of what you're going for.

Good luck!!! Construction stinks but the end results are WONDERFUL!!