Thursday, February 19, 2009

HELP! New kitchen flooring choice :)

We have decided to redo our kitchen (YAY!) These are the cabinets we chose.

This is the counter top (it's called Alpine's a HD laminate counter top by Wilson Art and it's a dark grayish-greenish surface that looks natural and a lot like granite.

Here's a picture of the room that is adjacent to the kitchen. Just past those black pictures on the wall (which are moving, by the way), lies the doorway to the kitchen. I wanted to show you this picture so you could see what color flooring butts up against the kitchen floor.

So, here's my question: What color tile flooring would you get? We are going to be repainting the whole kitchen, living area, and hallway, probably a mossy green color like Brookside Moss by Benjamin Moore (click HERE and click on the little binoculars in the left hand corner of the says "search for a color" under them. Type in Brookside Moss in the box that pops up.)

We have decided that a "slate like" ceramic tile floor is what we want to put in the kitchen versus a type of linoleum or wood-like laminate flooring (mainly no on the laminate because of the natural hardwood everywhere else and I think it would be weird to go from one room with natural hardwood into a room with laminate.) So, again, what color???? :)

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Andrea said...

You have to give us some choices! Slate-like makes me think of gray so I'm not sure what your options are. I always like reddish-toned things on the floor but that's just me. Can't wait to see pictures!!!