Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Quilt

Little brown-eyed assistant not included in gift. LOL! ;)

My friends had their baby (the ones who I made the little fox under the tree frame for) last week and she now is in the NICU for a diaphragmatic hernia--due to have surgery to repair the defect this week. I went to Hobby Lobby over the weekend and got the fabric to make this quilt. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. This one is also full of mistakes (especially on the binding), but the seams for the blocks lined up way better for this one than my doll quilt experiment from two weekends ago. :) I really love the fabrics (all from the same line except for the binding, which came from Wal-Mart).

Please pray and/or send out positive thoughts for baby Eva this week and through the next couple of months that her hernia is fixed easily and that she has no troubles with feeding and reflux.

As usual, thanks so much for looking and for any comments! :)


Andrea said...

So, so, so cute!! Love it!

Dana Grothaus said...

Wow! You are so talented!!! You have been super crafty! I've kinda been in a funk lately. I made a bunch of cards one night with friends and I post those on days when I don't have any motivation. I try to do something creative everyday. I've been cooking and baking a lot lately, so that's a bit creative. I love looking at all your sewing projects. Did you teach yourself? I'm not great with a sewing machine, but I've sewn on a few cards.

Have a great day!!!