Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rated PG-13! Happy Valentine's Day!

Today started out pretty 12:02 a.m., Sean had a virtual kiss e-mailed to my e-mail address from I guess he set it up previously, because he was sleeping by that point! :) When I got up this morning, there was a cute pink pig and two cards on the butcher block. The pig was for Gracie and the cards were for from him and one from the kiddos. Cute!

I included a picture of Gracie with her pig...she's decked out in pink in honor of the day, although most days she is decked out in pink because she looks adorable in pink. :) By the way, I am very hair-impaired. Gracie and Ava have the worst hair mom in the world I think. And, yes, her bows don't match. We lost one of the pink bows when we went to Disney Princesses on Ice in September.

Ava will be decked out in pink as well, but she needs a bath first and I am not up for that by myself. 18 pounds of squirming baby mixed with soapy water is more than I can handle right now. :)

Anyway, like I mentioned above, Sean got me a card from himself as well as from the girls. His card said on the outside, "tonight, let's try a new position." When you open it up, it's a man and a woman hanging upside down from the couch, watching TV and eating popcorn! Very fitting with two young ones underfoot! :) I thought I would return the favor and make him a card that is a little bit sassy. I saw the idea for the saying last year sometime (I don't remember where...either on Splitcoast or on a regular store-bought card). Of course, I can't BUY a card for him, because I have approximately 10,000 supplies downstairs that I have purchased for the sole purpose of creating beautiful works of art ("honey...just think of how much money I will save if I make my own cards!!" hahahahaha!)

I will let the card speak for itself....warning, it's definitely rated PG-13! Not for little eyes or anyone who will understand the undertone. Can you tell that the sword pops up when you open the card? I crack myself up!!

I can't get it so that my post appears first and the pictures are underneath that. Does anyone know how to do that on Blogger? Well, this is a long post and Sean just got home, so I will wrap it up now. Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Lance-a-lot card! Where did you get the knight? Please email me with any information you have at