Tuesday, April 1, 2008

17 Stamp Sets for Sale!

Okay, so I realized I am drowning in retired sets that I don't have the space for any more. I need to sell these bad boys and I thought I would give you all the opportunity to buy them before I have a yard sale or go on the 'bay.

Below are the sets I have, the prices, and any pertinent details. If you are interested in buying any sets, please let me know ASAP, because I am only going to give it a couple of weeks before I start listing them on e-bay. If you are not one of my customers and/or don't know my e-mail address, you can let me know which set(s) you would like in the comments section of my blog (under each post, there is a number with the word "comments" next to it. Click on the word "comments" and it will bring you to the comments screen. You don't have to have a blogger account to leave a comment).

I will accept PayPal (for those of you who are not one of my customers/not on my mailing list) as well as cash, checks, credit cards from my regular customers. For you locals, there will be no tax/shipping charge. For those of you who are not local, I will charge $6.00 extra for Priority Mail service delivery with delivery confirmation. Insurance is extra if you would so choose. I can combine shipping if you choose more than one set...we will talk about cost at that point.

I decided to show pictures of all of them just in case you don't feel like looking up the sets in past catalogs, or if you don't have the older catalogs that show these sets. Each set comes in a Stampin' Up! plastic case with attached lid (except for the Anna Griffin set...that comes in a box with a thin acetate "slipcover")


1. You're Neat/4/$9.00/new, unmounted (pictured)
2. You're Neat/4/$9.00/mounted, gently used (not pictured)--SALE PENDING
3. Nice & Narrow/9/$17.50/mounted, gently used
4. Noteworthy/9/$12.00/mounted, gently used--SALE PENDING
5. Reason to Smile/3/$12.00/mounted, gently used
6. Sew Seasonal/9/$22.00/mounted, gently used--SOLD
7. So Many Sayings/3/$16.00/new, unmounted--SOLD
8. Delight in Life/6/$10.00/new, unmounted
9. Double Line Doodles/9/$20.00/mounted, gently used--SOLD
10. Figures of Speech/8/$13.00/mounted, gently used--SOLD
11. Happy Harmony/6/$12.00/new, unmounted
12. Linen Background/1/$12.00/new, unmounted
13. Bodacious Bouquet/9/$23.00/mounted, gently used--SOLD
14. A Light Heart/7/$15.00/new, unmounted
15. Alphabits/4/$10.00/mounted, gently used--SOLD
16. Anna Griffin Greeting Set/7/$10.00/mounted, gently used
17. Big Blossom/1/$10.00/new, unmounted--SOLD


jennifer mcguire said...

you look like you are doign what i am doing lately... cleaning house! feels good, doesn't it!
love the cards you post. :)

Lauren said...

I have to purge too! Good luck with your sales.