Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Mojo Took a Vacation!

I actually did make two projects last week, but I submitted them for publication and can't post them until I know that they weren't chosen. Therefore, you will probably all see them within a few weeks since they probably won't be chosen. :)

One of them used the curly ribbon technique (check out my 3/21/2008 post for an example). The other one used the faux etched glass technique that I came up with a couple of years ago (as an adaption from a tutorial on embossing buttons at Stampin' Up! regionals in 2006). Here's a link to the sample I made back then for the SCS gallery:

Since it's been so long, the etched glass technique is now an oldie, but I still thought it was worth a revisit. :) Who knows, somebody probably already submitted these techniques to the magazines since I posted it back in 2006, so it might be old news to everyone. If not,'s a fun technique! :)

Hopefully I will have some stamping time tomorrow since Sean is on the air, but I am pretty sure both girlies have a cold now so I guess we will see. Anyway, thanks for visiting! :)

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