Sunday, April 13, 2008

Speaking of rejection

My post from last night reminded me of many things that I created specifically to submit for publication and then never went back and shared once the call for publication was over and I didn't get a call, mainly because I forgot--oops! :)

I made the "Don't blink" layout in September, ending a loooong scrapping dry spell (probably almost a year---eek!) With Gracie's surgery last year and Ava arriving three weeks later, I am kind of surprised that my scrapping mojo reappeared, but I wasn't going to fight it when it did. :) I believe I made the "Gracie's Favorite Things" layout in October. The various cards are actually all from 2006, but I found them while I was looking back in my pictures. I do think it's kind of funny, though, how when you make something you are so proud of it for a while and then when you look back on it you see all of the flaws. Maybe that's just me, though. Oh well.

My goal this year is to get a card published. I am submitting LOs as well, but that isn't as important a goal as a card since I have already been published for scrapping (Layout Blueprints 1 that came out in 2006 I believe). Though I would like to get a LO of Ava published since Gracie was obviously the only one in my three pubbed layouts for the idea book and I am sure she would enjoy seeing herself in print when she gets older. :)

Anyway, enough babbling. Thanks for looking!

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