Monday, June 2, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Okay, I am officially a bad blogger. It's been two weeks since I have posted a single thing to this darn thing. I am working on a scrappy project that I can't post yet, but will do so in the next couple of weeks. I can't even tell you what it is, in case a certain someone happens to read my blog this coming week (**coughcoughit'sagiftcough**) :)

We have also been doing some projects around the house...don't you love this time of year for that? We (well, DH) cut down two really scraggly pine trees bordering our driveway and planted a Bradford pear tree in the place of one of them. It's kind of amazing how much bigger our front yard looks now. He also dug out most of the plants that were in our front landscaping and relocated them to other spots in the backyard. We then chose new, smaller plants in their place and moved this planter bench thing that we have to the other side of the porch. We bought two pretty teak rocking chairs at Home Depot to replace some white plastic Adirondack chairs that were there previously and we plan to put some stone veneer underneath the two front windows on the right-hand side of the house in the coming month or so.

Later this fall we plan on replacing the gutters and bulking up the columns on the porch (we will make them square rather than rectangular and probably add some type of trim or crown molding at the top/bottom of the columns for visual interest).

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I will take some progress pictures of the house and post them. In the meantime, here are some "before" pictures:

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