Friday, June 13, 2008

Some of the shower decor

We hosted the shower at my Grammy's house, because it is larger and has more parking than my house. I tied these balloons to the lamp post (and curled the "tails" to make it pretty):

I made this diaper wreath, which I got the idea for on 2Peas:

And I made these little onesies and flower decorations to hang from the chandelier over the food table:

Everything turned out really cute and I got a lot of compliments on the decor. Can't wait to meet my niece! :)


Lauren said...

Super cute - great job!!! I know she'll be here before you know it.

Andrea said...

Amy, cute, cute!! What a talented girl you are. I loved the wreath, especially. Does Andi have a name picked out?? If it is cute, maybe I can steal it. Tim and I can NEVER pick girl names. That's one of the reasons I'm hoping for a boy.

CTMH_GAL said...

I loved looking at your ideas. Do you have a template for the onesie you could share?I saw one on split coast but it wasn't in Adobe or word to download? Christy