Sunday, March 16, 2008

Look What I Made!

I decided to try my hand at making some bows after I forked out $5.00 at Gymboree for some little spiral ribbon barrettes. Each of the Gymbo ones contain about 10 pieces of ribbon total (a picture of the Gymboree barrettes is attached--the ones with the white background).

I did a little bit of research and discovered that the spiral, curly ribbon is called korker ribbon and that it's very easy to make yourself at home. Basically you have to wrap the ribbon around a wooden dowel, secure it with wooden clothespins, and bake the dowels in your oven so that the ribbons stay curly. I made a korker barrette for Gracie as well as two smaller barrette bows and it's really fun to do! I have SO much non-SU! ribbon that I have bought over the years that I hardly ever use because I obviously always use my SU! ribbon when making samples for my business or for camps. Bow-making will give me a way to use it up instead of letting it languish about in the basement, feeling lonely and unloved. ;) If anyone is interested in a custom bow, let me know and we can work out colors and pricing.

The korker barrette I made contains about 20 2.5" long pieces of korker ribbon that I tied together and adhered to the barrette. Then I wrapped the midsection with coordinating piece of grosgrain. I am pretty darn pleased with how that one turned out, let me tell you!! I think the other two are cute as well and they will go with many of Gracie's outfits. I had the flower button and the "sweet" word charm in my scrapbook stash.

I also attached a picture of my model, Gracie--ignore the blue mouth, she just got finished eating an Airhead candy. In the pictures of the back of her hair, you can see a really thin patch--we think that's from the anesthesia from her surgery and the MRIs. That side effect is apparently pretty common. We are hoping it will grow back in thicker when the MRIs are more spaced out. Anyway, thanks for looking! Hope you all had a great weekend. :)


Lauren said...

Those are great! She looks so cute and happy with them. Much better than sending out the money at Gymboree! hehe.

Jenn said...

Of course you are a SU! demo :) I just typed in how to make curly ribbon barrettes and ended up at your site. Can't wait to give these a try...they don't look too hard.